The Humans Behind SnoMon & Friends

Rod Call

“My occupational hazard being, my occupation’s just not around”

I’m a 40 year old dude living in Traverse City, Michigan with an amazing wife, a beautiful daughter, 3 crazy dogs, 1 cat, a house 2 blocks from the beach, the marina and a small sail boat.

Life is good.

But sitting idle is a concept I can’t get my head around.

A traditional 9-5 office job was never meant to be (trust me, I’ve tried, several times).  I’ve lost a little money with entrepreneurial endeavors.  I’ve made a little money with entrepreneurial endeavors.  Sometimes it seems as though it all makes sense.   Other times…well, you know.

After launching Snoloha from scratch back in 2007 and successfully growing throughout the country and online, I ultimately decided ‘peddling t-shirts’ wasn’t what I was put on this earth for.

The question, “then what was I put here for?” is still yet to be answered, but I have a very good feeling SnoMon & Friends and everything I’ve learned and experienced through the roller-coaster ride of launching and growing a business is the beginning of that answer to that question that is bothering me so.

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Larry LaBallister

(photo coming soon)

What can I say, I’m a nut.

As far as my career, for someone that wanted to be a professional guitar player, I turned out to be a pretty good illustrator. Animation has always fascinated me, starting from childhood watching “The Looney Tunes”, all the way up to today’s Pixar and Dreamworks creations.

Much of my past work has been focused on vector photorealistic illustration, with clients such as Disney, the History Channel, and of course Snoloha, and now my efforts are focused on the 3D creation of “SnoMon & Friends”.

So far it’s been a wild ride, and I am looking forward to more!

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