Meet SnoMon
SnoMon&Friends March 5, 2015

On the outside, SnoMon is pretty simple – relaxed, easy-going and affable.  He has a ‘cool’ personality, is extremely likable and is always willing to lend a hand. He’s one of the ‘good guys’.

But on the inside, SnoMon is a bit complicated. He doesn’t view life, necessarily, in the same laid-back, carefree way that he leads one to believe. He’s remarkably focused, incisive and driven.

He’s fully aware that he is a walking contradiction. Some days, this thought looms over his head, allowing doubts to creep in. Most days, though, he’s completely confident with his tight rope act.

His quest to understand where he came from is what drives him.  He’s technically a ‘snowman’. He knows that.   He knows snowmen are created by humans and that they eventually melt.  But he doesn’t.

To be ‘Happy & Free’, according to SnoMon, is the ultimate goal.



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