Leaving Antarctica
SnoMon&Friends June 9, 2015

Paxton had been restless for sometime.  He began questioning his pampered life as a royal family member.  His desire to explore the world and to create his own identity had become too much to ignore, yet he could never quite muster the courage to take that first step…until.

One late night while channel flipping he landed on Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America” and his life was forever changed.  That silly comedy from 1988 about a wealthy African prince who wants for nothing, except a wife who will love him in spite of his title, was exactly what Paxton needed to finally have the courage to take that first step to independence.

Of course as brilliant as Paxton is, he’s just as gullible and absent-minded.  As a result, he often mistakes Hollywood movies as a reflection of ‘real life’…meaning he finds himself making comparisons between his plan and the movie it’s modeled after.

Paxton is “Leaving Antarctica”.

In this case, he needs a disguise, a buddy to travel with, and a job.

You guessed it…a Hawaiian shirt, a SnoMon and a Monkey, and as far as the ‘job’ part…stay tuned.

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