Frusty the Snowman
SnoMon&Friends May 20, 2015

I met this dude the other day. He was one of the most stressed out looking sno-dudes I’d ever met. He had these twiggy arms that looked like they were going to snap at any moment. His eyes were emotionless…like two pieces of charcoal. His smile was forced. And the dude was wearing a top hat. Yes, a top hat! And his snow was lumpy with this yellowish brown look to it. It looked like he had rolled around in the dirt and had been peed on by a neighborhood dog.

The dude was a real mess. He looked so tired. So beat up. So frustrated. He looked so ‘Frusty’, which the urban dictionary defines as “feeling frustrated and tired at the same time.”

Yes, he is ‘Frusty the Snowman’.

You may know someone like him – feels stuck in a certain occupation, feels as though they are living someone else’s dreams, feels as though they are destined for a life of mediocrity and status quo, feels like they are being herded through life.
They are tired.
They are frustrated.
They are ‘Frusty’.

Here’s to being Happy & Free!

Stay Cool,




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