Creating SnoMon
SnoMon&Friends March 16, 2015

Everyone knows how you create a snowman.  It’s one of the very first things you learn as a kid.

When I was first created, I was a weakling with twiggy arms and legs….I looked like this:


And then I had a make-over and after that and I looked like this:


But I wanted to look COOL and wear nice sunglasses.  I wanted to come to life…so now I look like this:


During the process of my creation, at times I thought to myself, ‘this is pathetic, when will they figure it out?!’

Then there were times when I started to see the wheels turning and I thought, ‘OK, Humans are not as dumb as I thought.  They are finally figuring it out.’

And then…they threw me back on a t-shirt.


But finally, something DID click and they finally figured it out.  SnoMon was created.  I came to life!

I’m now able to share my story, which was impossible to do in the form of a screen-print on a t-shirt.

During my creation, there were some great discussions and ideas being had.  And some that were not so great.  Since I was there witnessing and experiencing it all, I have a very unique perspective that I’ll do my best to share every now-and-then.

I’ll also give you some tips on creating your own SnoMon.


I heard that my Human friend, Rod, posted a blog about the ‘Evolution of SnoMon’.

Interesting…he views it as ‘evolution’, when clearly I was ‘created’.  Everyone knows snowmen are created.

Humans….so much to learn still.

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