Are you wondering the same thing?
SnoMon&Friends March 27, 2015

Yes, this is a post from one of the Humans Responsible for bringing you SnoMon & Friends.  A little ‘behind the scenes’ for you.

“So exactly what ARE you doing with this SnoMon thing?”

I’ve heard this same question asked in a variety of different ways.

It’s typically followed up with “is this a book? a movie? animated shorts? merchandise?”

So if you are wondering the same thing, I thought I’d give you the answer.

“Could be.”

When I first came up with the idea, yes, it was suppose to be a book. And I wanted Larry to illustrate it.

But upon further conversations we thought “why limit this to a book?”  We also determined that in order for it to really come to life, it needed to be designed in a 3D environment.

Additionally, this is an adult centric story that is 100% kid-friendly. My daughter LOVES SnoMon. I test story concepts on her. She has seen every version of him in 3D and each time she sees him, she just smiles. She’s asked if she will be able to get one as a stuffed animal. She’s asked if he’s going to be in a movie. In my mind, that’s reason enough to keep going. That’s one helluva memory and experience she will always have — helping daddy create these characters and this story.

Moving on…

We also determined to NOT focus on what it ‘could be’, and to focus on the characters, the writing and building an audience who cares. Then, and only then, will we turn our attention to what it could be. And we think the audience will help make that decision a bit more clear.

Is this a horrible idea? Quite possibly. But we won’t know until we try.

We also know that the characters and the writing will not be the greatest out of the gates. Ever watch the first season of Seinfeld? It takes time to fall into a groove and find your voice.

For example, we made the decision to give SnoMon eyes so he can express emotion. Guess what? The process for designing the eyes has already improved and he’ll be updated eventually. We’re already getting better. We could wait and try to make it perfect before launching it….but that’s not any fun. The fun part is bringing everyone along for the ride and to experience the evolution with us.

A good friend recently asked me, with quite a look of shock and surprise after I explained SnoMon & Friends to him, “where did all this come from?” All I could do was point to my noggin’ and reply “it’s all in here, and I need to get it out”.

One of my favorite Dave Matthews Band lyrics that I identify with goes “open up my head and let me out”…yes, I really need to see a shrink.

So….that’s what we’re doing (not the shrink part, the getting it out of my head part. Although the shrink part should probably happen as well).

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Oh, and by the way, Paxton (SnoMon’s wealthy penguin buddy) is almost finished and will be introduced soon!

In the meantime, here’s to “Wastin’ Away Again in InternetVille”

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